Can you see me?

Feeling invisible. And even when I push myself on you, it’s still not enough. Am I just supposed to be here waiting around for you to come when you’ve finally missed me enough? Do I really just wait around? I’ve told you what my needs are, you’ve said you’d try harder. I haven’t seen it. I am trying to not read too much in to this. Trying really hard to not feel like you don’t want to be around me. Trying not to feel like I am not important. It’s hard. When I think of marriage, I see two people who talk to each other, touch each other, laugh together and hang out together. All of those things often. More often than not. Maybe I am too needy? You once were interested in me. I’m not sure what changed. I’m not sure how to deal with this. I can’t stop thinking of how someone else could appreciate me..



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  1. I almost hate to like this post for I can feel your pain emanating from your words, but it’s good to get it out. Wishing the best for you…

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