Pregnancy update

I’m now 21 weeks and 4 days. Little baby moves around a lot. I love this part of pregnancy. I love a lot about pregnancy actually. Mine have been smooth sailing, thank you lord. I haven’t had any new symptoms or cravings. I have a little heartburn but my midwife gave me a solution and so far it’s been working. My cravings are usually for sweets or sour things.

We are still in the process of finding the best name for a girl. I do have one I like but just like with Everett I don’t feel it yet. We do have a name for a boy though. We are saving the names till the baby is actually born.

I’m studying hypnobirthing. I feel like it will help a lot with labor and delivery. It’s all about being relaxed and keeping positive thoughts. It even has different better names for things, for example “contractions” are called “birth waves or surges” and “birth breathing” instead of “pushing.” It’s very calming and feels right. I am practicing relaxation and breathing techniques to prepare my mind and body for a smooth, calm and wonderful birth. I am so excited and calm. I don’t feel scared at all. Which is so nice. I know my body knows what to do. And the pressure and waves I will endure are all for the right reasons.

I am so excited to have a little squishy baby again. I feel like babies are so easy. Once they hit toddlerhood it gets tough. And just keeps getting tougher.

Little evy is getting to the hitting and tantrum stage. It would be very hard to not be able to communicate with someone and them not know exactly what you need. I try to understand what he is going through because he is not acting this way to push my buttons or to be manipulative. He’s just a one year old trying to figure out his world and limits.

Until next time.


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