A bit about me part 7

Part one


I don’t remember all of the details. I’m pretty sure I blocked some of it out because it was not a happy time.

He was kind enough to try again with me. It wasn’t easy. He was insecure about what who I was texting and we even decided it would be best for our relationship to only have friends of the same sex unless they were mutual.

My parents told me that they didn’t want anymore guys moving in unless we were married, probably because I was being so indecisive. Tyler and I made it work for a month or two until we decided to just move back with his family.

We made plans to really get married May 22, 2010.

Tyler was doing great at his job and he was even moving up. He got promoted to assistant manager. I was home taking care of our sweet baby. I was planning for our wedding, picking out a new dress and still struggling with my mental health.

My parents had planned for us all to go to Hawaii in November 2009. We went just before Kash turned 1. It was the most amazing vacation I’d ever had. I think it really brought Tyler and I closer together. We also got to meet up with my foreign exchange brother(that I forgot to mention earlier). He came to live with us when I was around 12/13. It was really fun having him around, teaching us Korean, us having him say words over and over because they sounded funny(poky) and him letting us punch his six pack abs. He was in Hawaii going to college.

We went to this really nice resort called Ko’Olina. It was perfection!


We stayed in Hawaii for 10 days. We went on hikes, snorkeled, went on a catamaran and just had a blast!

Once we got back from Hawaii, it was time to get back to wedding planning.

Angela was going to be my maid of honor, a friend from school and one other girl(that actually backed out) were the bridesmaids. Tyler picked his dad as his best man and I’m my brother as a groomsmen. 

We picked the perfect spot outdoors with lots of trees to have our ceremony and a local church for our reception. Our parents were such a great help with everything. We wanted it to be a simple, low cost wedding. I picked out our colors, black, white and lime green. Lime green is my favorite color. 

Things were coming along. 

Through all of the wedding talk we had to figure out where we were going to live. Our budget was tight because Tyler was the only one working. My grandparents jokingly made a comment about us moving into one of their rental properties. It was in our budget, it was just 2 hours away from our parents and Tyler’s work. 

We chatted about the idea of moving to price. There was an O’reilly there, maybe Tyler could just transfer. 

“Would we really move to price?” He said. 

“It’s kind of far from everyone, but I like not having to choose which of our parents we are going to live by.”

“It would be fun to take the jeep off roading.”

We had just recently purchased a Jeep Wrangler. We now had that and a Volkswagen Jetta. 

We spent the next couple months getting excited about the idea of moving to price, so Tyler started applying to jobs and requested to be transferred through O’reilly. 

April 2010 was hectic. We ere trying to get everything finalized for the wedding and still weren’t sure if we were going to be moving to price. The renters in my grandparents rental were moving out soon and he was going to hold it for us for a bit. 

Finally he got a call from the store manager, he wanted to meet with Tyler. We planned a quick trip to price so Tyler could interview with him. 

He decided Tyler would be a good fit, so we were officially moving to price. The plan was to move into the house two weeks before the wedding and then come back to my parents the weekend of our wedding. 

We planned a simple honeymoon to Las Vegas. We were saving every penny we could to be able to afford our new house and a honeymoon. 

May 2010. We moved into our first house. It was a cute 2 bedroom about 900sq feet. I loved it. We were so excited to be on our own. 

Both of our parents helped us move the few things we had because we still had gifts from the wedding and bridal shower coming. 

Now we had two weeks to get settled and make sure everything was set for the wedding. 
To Be Continued…


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