A bit about me part 8

Those two weeks before the wedding were a blur. We drove to my parents two days before, hoping we remembered everything we needed from our house.

Tyler and I decided to sleep apart on the night before our wedding. He went to his parents house. Things were starting to feel real and I wasn’t feeling stressed or nervous. Until Tyler called me first thing in the morning.

“Um, I have some bad news.”

“Tyler what did you do!”

“I broke the rear end of my jeep.”

“What does that mean?”

“Its broken and I can’t drive it.”

A little back story here, We had two cars the jeep and the Jetta. But a few months earlier the Jetta’s timing belt broke and it ruined the cylinder head. Which basically means it’s not running, sitting in the driveway of Tyler’s parents. He had been working on it as much as he could, it wasn’t quite done yet.

“How are we going to get back home?”

“I don’t know. We will figure something out.”

To top it off it had been raining all night, so we called all of our family to tell them that our ceremony would now be in the church instead of the beautiful outdoor spot we had picked.

I was feeling pretty frustrated, I just didn’t have any time to sulk. Our ceremony was only a few short hours away and we still had to set up the church. Luckily We had so many people helping out. They came and helped set up while I was able to get my hair done and make lunch for my son. After that I went down to check if everything looked the way I wanted. It felt perfect(for being indoors now). My dads friend lent us some fake trees with lighting that we set up. The chairs were lined with black, white and green tulle. Everything was coming together.


Finally it was time, we made sure Tyler was at the church before me as to not break tradition. And then it was time. I had my 3 nieces as flower girls, and my sister-in-law carry my train as I walked down the aisle. I picked an instrumental version of “bittersweet symphony” to walk to. It was perfect!


Our flowers were actually fake, they were cheaper and will last forever too. I LOVED them, our florist did them wonderfully! My aunt did my hair and she was also the wedding DJ with her husband.

Our cake was even more perfect than I imagined it to be.

weddingcakeCakeeating2Cakeeating I told Tyler I did NOT want to smash cakes in each others faces, he listened!

We had a great wedding. It was simple, beautiful, low cost and over in a flash. I don’t even remember eating much at all. I missed out on the yummy cupcakes my mom made too! We danced for the last hour of the wedding and planned to leave in the morning for Vegas.


Of course our lovely family decorated our car(my old corolla was all we had now)decoratedcar.jpg

We were exhausted after.

Next morning we woke up pretty early and headed to Vegas. It was a 6 hour drive from our house. I am not fun to be in the car with for very long either. Tyler learned that real quick.

My grandpa was able to get us a room through a timeshare he has. He assured us he checked everything so we could check in without them. It was a little more difficult than expected, we were under 25 and weren’t the people that called to book. We ended up having to call my grandpa and he got it all sorted out. I was worried we wouldn’t have a place to stay!

We arrived at our room and now it was time for the honeymoon to begin!


To Be Continued…


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