A bit about me part 9

We had a whole week to spend together in Vegas. We didn’t have much planned other than walking the strip. Being under 21 in Vegas wasn’t really the funnest decision we’ve ever made, but it worked.

We had a certain amount  of money budgeted, and then the rest was for rent. We went out to eat, took the shuttle to the strip, bought some souvenirs for our family, and drove around at night to see all the lights. A few days passed and we quickly realized our money was dwindling, and we weren’t really having a blast like I thought we would.

We decided that going back to my parents house would be best. We still had to figure out our car situation too. I called my grandpa and let him know we were leaving early. We packed our stuff and started the long drive home.

I started texting my best friend about our honeymoon and that we were headed home early. We wanted to get together before we headed back to our house, two hours away.

We joked that we should just come to her house and spend a few days there.

That was a great idea, we could hang out, play video games and just have more fun than we were alone in Vegas.

My mom was watching Kash so I let her know our plan. We just drove straight to Angela’s house.

The next few days were SO fun. We watched movies, Played way too much xbox and just hung out. I think we spent two days there.

Tyler decided it would be best for him to finish fixing the Jetta so we could get back home. We went to pick up Kash and went down to his parents. Fortunately he was able to get it fixed in time for us to take it back home.

We said goodbye to everyone, packed as much as we could fit in the car and made the trek home. We made plans with each of our parents to come visit us in the coming months. Tyler also found the parts he needed for his jeep and Planned to come back to fix it as soon as possible.

The next few months were going great, my parents came to spend a couple days with us. We took them to a local river that you can float down, we call it the flume. We showed them how we set up our house.

Tyler got me a puppy for Christmas, I named her Roree. It’s a characters name from one of my favorite shows, Gilmore Girls.

Once Tyler got the Jeep fixed, we would go off roading almost daily. We loved exploring the area all around our house. It was so nice to feel like we could take care of ourselves and just be adults.

Being adults also came with struggles. I was home all day with Kash. Tyler was working so hard for us. I was starting to feel like I wasn’t a person anymore. Very under appreciated. Then our money was getting tighter and tighter. We were struggling with credit cards and only one income. I needed to be making some money, so I applied to quite a few places, including a pet grooming place because that was my ultimate goal. I originally wanted to be a vet tech but changed my mind once I realized I would be seeing animals that are hurt or sick.

Being a groomer was the best of two things I loved, pets and doing hair.

I had an interview with a flower place, but it didn’t work out. I hadn’t heard from the grooming place yet so I decided to call. She wanted to see me, so we set up a time.

The interview, I guess you could call it, went really well. I left feeling like I wanted this job even more.

A week passed and I still hadn’t heard from her. I called and she said she wanted to hire me.

Tyler was able to work his schedule around my new schedule. He would stay home in the mornings and I’d be home afternoon/nights. I loved working there, I learned quickly, made some friends and was able to love on some doggies.

Tyler was even realizing how much I actually did at home and was more appreciative of me. Things were feeling doable again.

Angela was able to come to our house and stay for a weekend, we had a blast playing video games and even helping some horses get back to their farm at one in the morning. We also love staying up late and watching scary movies that make up scream, then Tyler yells at us to be quiet because Kash is sleeping. We have the best time together.

Months started to pass and we were still struggling with money. Our rent seemed pretty high for our income and it just didn’t feel doable anymore. Tyler was chatting with one of his coworkers and found out she was renting her house, about 30 minutes away from where we were. It was a bigger house and cheaper rent, the only downside was the distance from his work and it was further from our parents.

We made the risky decision to move again. We had been living at the first house for about a year. Tyler parents came to help us move into the new house. It was pretty nice for the area. The first town we lived in was small, and now we were in an even smaller town. It was very small, only one gas station, one grocery store and a small medical clinic. It felt right at the time. Our rent was almost one hundred dollars cheaper. We were feeling better with our money.

I’m not entirely sure on the month but sometime between July of 2011 and December 2012 our Jetta broke AGAIN. The exact same thing broke too. We were over it, Tyler was not interested in fixing it. We parked it at Tyler’s parents again and bought an Xterra. Tyler also bought a motorcycle for himself to save on gas back and forth from work. IMG_2712

After Christmas in 2012 we started thinking different housing options, we were still struggling with money and relied on credit cards WAY too much(lesson learned). So we decided it would be best if we just moved in with his parents.

After only about 7 months of living in East Carbon, we sold most of our big items and moved into Tyler’s parent’s house. Obviously we paid rent to them but it wasn’t near as much as having our own house with internet, and utilities. Luckily Tyler was able to transfer back O’Reilly.

In May 2012 my aunt asked me to watch her 4 kids while her and my uncle went on a vacation together. I think I stayed at their house for a week. Tyler still had to work but he came up to see Kash and I once or twice. While I was there I realized that my period was late. About 3 weeks late even.

Kash was turning 4 that year and I wanted another baby so bad! I had Tyler buy a test and bring it to me. I peed on that stick in the bathroom of my aunts house.

It was positive almost instantly. I remember hiding the test underneath all of the garbage in the can so no-one would see it. I was SO happy, I was dying to have another baby. Tyler was excited, just not as much as I was.

To Be Continued…




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