A bit about me part 14

The start of 2014 was great. We had our pictures taken with my family in January just before Everett turned 1.


I loved Kash’s long hair. Everett didn’t really enjoy getting his pictures taken, he cried a few times. Kash did better, although it wasn’t as “fun” as he was hoping. We made the promise of dinner AND dessert after to make him a little more willing to participate.

It was a long night, they informed us that it would take about an hour and a half to finish the pictures so we went to have dinner. At dinner I wasn’t really interested in my food, I don’t remember eating very much. We headed back to the studio and they were packed! Our short time of an hour and a half grew. We were all getting cranky and it was getting late. We were also about 40 minutes from home. After what seemed like two hours more they were finally done. We all were able to pick our favorites and we dashed out of there for our much deserved sweet treats.

The next few weeks I was feeling off. Food did not sound good and I was nauseous. Then it hit me, I’m pregnant. I knew I was because this exact same thing happened with my previous pregnancies.

Sure enough 3 tests came back positive.

I started planning in my head what I wanted. I knew I was going to go drug-free because I felt so great after with Ev. I was also leaning towards a birth center instead of the hospital. I immediately started looking into places that we could tour.

Everett was still breastfeeding, and I was very determined to keep it going until he was at least 2. By the middle of February I was feeling terrible. I wasn’t eating enough to be breastfeeding let alone enough for just me. I was losing weight, and a lot. I got down to 117, I think the last time I weighed 117 I was probably in middle school. It was catching up with me, I felt weak and tired most of the time. I had to wean, I couldn’t keep this up for the sake of my health.

It was so hard for Ev. Especially because it was so abrupt. I would try to comfort him the best I could but all he wanted was to nurse. I felt so guilty. I would just hold him while he would scream and eventually fall asleep. That probably lasted for at least a month.

Our trip to Reno was in March 2014. It was about a 7-8 hour drive from our house. with two young kids. I packed lots of activities for the kiddos and we made the trek there. We stayed at the campground of the Grand Sierra Resort. It had quite a few amenities that we were excited about, and camping in the trailer was pretty cheap. A few of Tyler’s family members came along and they made up two teams of 5 people total.

Tyler had bowling events on Saturday evening and Sunday early morning. We were hoping it would be slightly warm enough to use the pool, but unfortunately it was closed. Luckily they had an arcade, and an inflatable playground area. We all went to the bowling events on Saturday and watched him bowl. It was exciting and exhausting. I couldn’t really sit still very much because the kids couldn’t and I was the only one that wasn’t bowling. Sunday I opted to stay back in the trailer while they did their last event. We had a fun time. Tyler was really happy he got to experience it. 

We had begun to talk seriously with my family about finding a bigger house and living together. We even started looking at houses thinking it would be a while before we found something we liked. But we shortly found the perfect house only after seeing a handful of houses. It was like destiny. 

I think by April they had started the process of buying it and on May 3, 2014 we all moved in together. 

The house was awesome. We have the basement with two bedrooms, a bathroom and living room. The main floor has the kitchen and living area and the upstairs has the master for my parents, an office, a bedroom for my brother and one guest bedroom. We have loved living close enough to play games on the weekend, go grocery shopping together and just far enough that we can go to our own areas if we need space. People are usually surprised to hear that we all WANT to live together. 

The neighborhood is wonderful as well. Kash was able to make friends his age very quickly and most days I don’t see him very much because he’s out playing. 

After we got settled in the house I started getting serious about my birthing options for this pregnancy.
To Be Continued…


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